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  • Tractebel Engineering 2012

    Rising to increasingly complex challenges in Energy and Smart & Sustainable Infrastructure, Tractebel Engineering continues to hone its international expertise in key business sectors.

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  • Natural Gas in India

    With more than 4000 km of Cross Country Pipelines behind them and more ahead, a boom in LNG re-gasification terminals and a never-ending demand for City Gas Distribution, why is Gas such a success for its clients and for Tractebel Engineering (India)?

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  • Mambilla – A New Plateau in Dam Design

    Given a unique site and carte-blanche for the design of a high-capacity HPP, the result is technical creativity of a very high order

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  • Connecting Offshore Wind

    Wind Offshore is booming in Europe – so is the business of connecting and transmitting all that power to shore.

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  • Nuclear Decontamination and Dismantling

    The multidisciplinary process of preparing a nuclear Decontamination & Dismantling project is complex

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  • Scada for offshore wind farms

    Expertise in SCADA systems for HV and MV substations, traditionally key to meeting TSO network and industrial clients’ needs, now extends to offshore wind farms.

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