Published: March 4, 2015
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Armenia faces key energy-related challenges; primarily the urgent need to secure electricity transmission reliability. Awarded two new contracts by HVEN (Armenia’s TSO) in 2014, Tractebel Engineering confirmed its commitment to the country’s energy sector in a first Technical Workshop on the T&D challenges ahead.


The Republic of Armenia, supported by International Financial Institutions (IFI), is determined to improve its power supply stability on all fronts, requiring broad energy expertise. Read more


On the 15 October 2014, Tractebel Engineering hosted Armenia’s first Technical Workshop sharing its experience and knowledge in electricity transmission and its many challenges. Read more


Based on a high technical score and competitive market price, Tractebel Engineering has won 2 new T&D contracts in an international tender from HVEN (High Voltage Electric Networks). Read more

Metsamor NPP aerial view ©Stratocles


Like most Caucasus countries, winters in Armenia are long and bitterly cold. The resulting demand for power puts considerable stress on the country’s electrical system. Reliance on imported Russian gas, aging generation and transmission infrastructure, as well as underdeveloped regional interconnections which limit electricity import opportunities, contribute to the high risk of supply interruptions.

Investigating the situation early 2014, Tractebel Engineering was quick to understand Armenia’s ambitions and the challenges faced – recognising a market where both focussed and broad energy expertise can add positive value. From Tractebel Engineering’s viewpoint the tasks ahead are clear:

  • Armenia’s first challenge is the development of the existing power transmission grid which requires substantial modernisation and rehabilitation works of HV lines and substations.
  • In line with Armenia’s ambition to increase its share of renewables in its energy mix by 50% by 2020, a second area in which value can be brought is in the exploration, unleashing and subsequent integration into the existing network of the country’s untapped wind, solar and geothermal power generation potential.
  • Given that the Metzamor NPP (delivering up to 40% of Armenia’s power capacity), is due to be decommissioned by 2026, a need exists for the rehabilitation and repowering of existing PP to achieve greater energy efficiency and importantly, ahead of 2020, the development of new power generation projects and facilities; thermal (gas) PP, hydropower, nuclear and natural gas infrastructures (including rehabilitation and extension of an underground storage facility).
  • The development of new regional power grid interconnections are needed to improve energy supply reliability and allow Armenia to step down its dependence on fuel imports.
  • Ideally a full energy master plan could help consolidate Armenia’s long-term vision – and help to balance investment needs with the need to maintain affordable tariffs for the Armenian people.

“It has become our overt goal to be the preferred energy engineering partner of Armenia and to support the country in facing the challenges toward the successful development of its energy market. With long experience in all domains of engineering, consultancy and project management that matter to the energy industry, we are ready to team up with Armenian forces to turn their projects into blatant success stories. For now that attention is focussed on the immediate challenges surrounding Armenia’s electricity transmission.”
Marc Lepiece, General Manager Power & Gas, Tractebel Engineering

Vincent Lambillon speaking at the Technical Workshop organised by ADA and BACC ©Tractebel Engineering



Organised with the Armenian Development Agency (ADA) and supported by the Belgian Armenian Chamber of Commerce (BACC), Tractebel Engineering’s Technical Workshop was the first of its kind (led by an international engineering company), in Armenia. Bringing together many key players in Armenia’s energy sector, attendees included: representatives from Armenia’s Ministry of Energy, Directors and Chief Engineers of HVEN (High Voltage Electric Networks), Power generators, Armenia’s Scientific Research Institute, as well as several IFI representatives (World Bank, Asian Development Bank, KFW Development Bank and others). Tractebel Engineering’s preferred Armenian engineering partner – independent energy consulting company EA Energy Advisory was also involved.

Led by key speakers, Vincent Lambillon (Power System Consulting) and Zohra M’Talssi (Sales Manager T&D), Tractebel Engineering’s input was geared to Armenia’s immediate challenges; sharing knowledge gained through long experience in the optimisation and protection of electrical grids. Based on expertise in technology evaluation, operational studies, Power System Consulting and construction of HV, MV and LV grid infrastructure, 3 main topics, illustrated by past technical cases, were addressed:

  • Transmission network development with focus given to transmission losses, their causes, ways to compute them and how to decrease them in the short and long term. The role of master planning and benefits of optimal voltage control was also introduced.
  • A high-level presentation covering the definition of the smart grid, the key driver and potential benefits for the power system – with the impact of the smart grid on transmission losses highlighted.
  • Renewable integration – a look at the new challenges for the control of the power system linked to the partial predictability and location dependence of renewable means; the impact of the penetration level of renewable; and lastly, the financial/economic perspective for the development of renewable energy.


“This workshop fully matches with our company’s mission which is laid down in our brand base line: “Choose experts, find partners”. For Tractebel Engineering, knowledge transfer and sharing is the basis of good partnerships.”
Thierry Cardinael, Business Development Manager, Power & Gas, Tractebel Engineering

City view of Yerevan and Mount Ararat ©Serouj Ourishian




In July and October 2014 respectively, Tractebel Engineering was awarded 2 T&D contracts by HVEN (High Voltage Electric Networks) – with full IFI sponsor approval. With both projects calling for strong competences in; Transmission & Distribution, Civil, Environmental & Social expertise, Procurement, Technical Knowledge and Cost reduction, the emphasis placed by HVEN on technical expertise in the tender evaluations certainly swung in Tractebel Engineering’s favour, but also indicates a shared value – the foundation for a solid partnership.


Client: High Voltage Electric Networks (HVEN)
Period: 2014 – 2016

Tractebel Engineering, assisted by local partner EA Energy Advisory, is now conducting a techno-economic assessment for the replacement of Noyemberyan and Lalvar 110 kV Overhead Transmission Lines in the North-Eastern part of Armenia.

The aim of the mission is to conduct a full feasibility study (including environmental and social assessment), to prepare tender documentation and assist HVEN during the bidding process and in contract management. On-site supervision of the construction works by the selected contractor (including design review and manufacturing controls) is also foreseen, leading to the implementation and commissioning of the project.



Client: High Voltage Electric Networks (HVEN)
Period: 2014 – 2015

Tractebel Engineering, assisted by local partner EA Energy Advisory, is conducting a techno-economic study and preparation of bidding documents for the rehabilitation of Haghtanak, Charentsavan-3, Vanadzor-1, Ashnak and Yerevan TPP substations, as well as the 220 kV Lori and 110 kV Tumanyan-1,2 Overhead Transmission Lines (OTL).

The scope of the mission covers the basic design and technical specifications for the Substations & HV lines, as well as all procurement services (prequalification of contractors, tender documents, bid evaluations, contractor selection, etc.). The first task is the assessment of the Lori OTL to determine whether rehabilitation or full replacement is needed. The Tumanyan-1,2 OTL is to be fully replaced.

Discover more T&D references on www.tractebel-engineering-gdfsuez.com


Tractebel Engineering has history in the Republic of Armenia: Irrigation Safety Project – 10 Dams Safety Check in 1994 – 1997 and Dry Storage of Spent Fuel for Metzamor NPP in 1996 -1997. The company more recently returned to Armenia to assist with post Fukushima Stress Tests on Metzamor NPP in 2012.

Today, Tractebel Engineering has confirmed interest in further developing its services in Armenia in:

  • Power System Consulting and transmission (T&D) lines.
  • Thermal power generation
  • Hydropower generation
  • Renewable energy (wind, solar, geothermal and biomass)
  • Gas (including underground gas storage)


  • Tractebel Engineering is currently present in Georgia, as Owner’s Engineer to the Georgian Energy Development Fund (GEDF) developing a greenfield gas-fired PP near Gardabani (East Georgia) in 2 x 250 MW phases to supply the national grid.
  • GEDF has since (January 2015) awarded Tractebel Engineering a new OE contract for a 20 MW wind farm project in Gori (in complement to the Gardabani project).
  • A new transmission interconnection project Armenia – Georgia is also under consideration.

More information

Marc LepièceGeneral Manager Power & Gas, Tractebel Engineering

Thierry CardinaelBusiness Development Manager, Power & Gas, Tractebel Engineering


Vincent LambillonSection Manager International T&D, Tractebel Engineering

Zohra M’TalssiSales Manager T&D, Tractebel Engineering

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